Responsible gaming with Vavada

Vavada offers to its players a wide and high-quality choice of online games and other entertainments. Vavada cares about its customers, therefore we provide recommendations for responsible gaming in online casino to you.

Based on responsible and fair attitude to gameplay and to each customer in particular, Vavada supports the policy of responsible gaming among its customers.

The purpose of Vavada’s policy of responsible gaming is to minimize negative impact of gambling games. The key objective of this policy is to promptly take appropriate measures aimed at provision of responsible gaming among the customers.

The main purpose of Vavada is to create one of the safest and most technically advanced gaming platforms for persons aged 18 and over. Each customer can choose a type of entertainment not causing extra loss and get the best service. All the products offered by us are absolutely safe, as Vavada B.V.’s philosophy is fairness, reliability and safety. We’ll make every possible effort to avoid the slightest problems that may arise during gambling game. Herewith the company respects the rights of persons playing gambling games moderately and considering them as a method of entertainment.

Vavada adheres to the following three main principles of responsible gaming: safety of each player, game safety and protection from problem gambling. We are regularly studying the recommendations of leading medical centers, research institutes in order to create online gaming infrastructure as safe, transparent and reliable as possible.

Player safety

Vavada cares about its customers’ safety. Player protection is based on prohibition to take part in gambling games for persons under 18 as well as protection of player’s privacy, which includes reliable storage and processing of data and payments provided.

Protection from problem gambling

The most of players, who spend their leisure time playing online gambling games, make their bets on sport events and play for fun in moderation. Some habits (such as shopping, sport events, food and alcohol intake) considered to be social norms, may cause strong dependence and addiction for some persons. Vavada strongly recommends the players with problem gambling signs to suspend their participation in games. If you see changes in you gaming behavior we recommend contacting the relevant organizations for quick and professional consultation and support.

Personal responsibility of the player

The main principle of Vavada regarding compliance with responsible gaming policy is that the final decision on the need to continue the game and deposit amount is taken by the player only. This is precisely why the most effective way to prevent problem gambling is adherence to the rules of responsible gaming policy and the player’s self-control of his propensity for gambling. Vavada is fully aware of its responsibility for assisting the customers in taking responsible decisions, so it provides the most reliable and transparent products as well as all the necessary information, and follows strict rules of conduct.

Protection of minors

Vavada prohibits minors (persons under 18) to take part in any kind of entertainment at its website. For this purpose, it is required to confirm your date of birth when signing up. Vavada treats this issue very seriously, however, we also look forward to assistance from parents and guardians in this respect. Your credentials (login and password) should be kept in a safe place only known to you. We also recommend setting up special Internet filter that allows to keep children and teenagers from the undesirable content.

Responsible attitude to the problems

Vavada offers a wide range of games and entertainments, which are only the forms of entertainment for the most players. Players addicted to gambling and having difficulties identifying and controlling risk and limits cannot fully enjoy our products and perceive them as one of the forms of entertainment. Vavada cares about its customers, therefore we reserve the right to block the access to games temporarily for customer’s safety. As it was mentioned above, most of persons play for fun. Moderate participation in gambling games and control of financial capacity is fully acceptable. However, participation in gambling games is a serious problem gambling for some persons that needs to be dealt with immediately.

What is the problematic gaming behavior?

Problematic gaming behavior is a type of behavior that harms persons’s lifestyle, job, family and health. Such persons cannot play gambling games for a long time, as it may result in serious negative consequences.

In 1980 pathological problem gambling was officially recognized as a psychological disease by the international classification system. It is determined as a permanent, continual and increasing passion for gaming regardless of such negative circumstance arising from it as breakdown of family ties, property loss, slow upward move in career, etc.

Problem gambling cases

Only qualified specialists can diagnose problem gambling. Below you can see the material which helps you to evaluate your own gaming behavior.

Separately worth noting the fact that it is particularly difficult to identify addictions unrelated to intake of any substances due to very fine line between delight and addiction. However, there are some signs that can help to diagnose problem gambling. If at least five of the following symptoms are true, there is a high probability of problem gambling progression:
- Player spends too much time playing gambling games, he is always thinking about it;
- His betting amounts are constantly increasing;
- Player has made several unsuccessful attempts to stop or control gameplay;
- Restricted opportunities for play make a person irritable and nervous;
- Gambling games are the way to circumvent the problem or negative feelings;
- Player tries to chase losses;
- Player is lying about his gaming behavior;
- Player commits illegal actions;
- Damaged relations with the relatives;
- Player borrows money to continue the game.

Gambling counselling organisations

GamCare, the leading authority providing counselling, pieces of advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling in the UK, can be visited at: www.gamcare.org.uk. Its confidential helpline is: 0845 6000 133. Non-UK residents can contact GamCare for details of International support organizations. * Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who have joined together to do something about their own gambling problem and help other compulsive gamblers do the same. There are regional fellowships around the world. The Gamblers Anonymous international service site is at: www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk. * Gambling Therapy provides support and counselling for anyone adversely affected by gambling. Members of the Gambling Therapy Team operate from locations both within the UK and internationally. Its site can be accessed at: www.gamblingtherapy.org

Main rules of responsible gaming

By following the rules below you’ll be able to enjoy games without harm to your mental health:
- Play only in a relaxed and concentrated state;
- Regular breaks are required;
- Set by beforehand the monthly amount needed for playing games;
- Set constant maximum limit;
- Before each game determine the maximum amount of winning and stop the game after getting it;
- Before the game determine the amount which you can lose;
- It is forbidden to play being intoxicated or under the influence of medications;
- Don’t play being depressed.

Online Vavada calls upon all players to be responsible with gambling games and follow the rules provided in this article. You can write to support by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Additional conditions

1. The Operator is required to have in place and maintain proper measures to help preventing player addiction and allow self-exclusion to players who access the Websites.

2. The Operator shall ensure that it has at its Websites a dedicated page with information about addiction prevention and any measures provided by the Operator to help End Users monitor and control their online behavior. Herewith, being not limited to explanation of the Right to Self-Exclusion this page shall provide links to reputable gambling addiction support institutes.

3. Upon request of the End User, as well as if health issues of the End User require, the Operator must ensure the End User shall for a limited or unlimited period of time not be able to make use of any services offered at any of the Websites that have been registered by the Operator.

4. Whenever the Operator finds indications of abnormal behavior of the End User such as, but not limited to chasing losses, erratic gambling patterns, abnormal long periods of sustained game play, it shall contact the End User to further establish whether the End User should be excluded and if so, establishing a time frame for exclusion.

5. If measures for Self-Exclusion apply, the Operator or any of its Affiliates shall not approach the End User with any information aimed to generate interest by the receiver for products and services of the Operator.

6. The Operator is obliged to record the number of (1) End Users that have been excluded; (2) End Users that are being considered for exclusion, and (3) End Users that have applied for Self-Exclusion.